The Sorcerer’s Apprentice

Posted: May 6, 2011 8:37 am in Review

The Sorcerer’s Apprentice

PG – 109 Min – 2010

Check Out The Trailer

Starring Nicholas Cage as Balthazar and Jay Baruchel as Dave, “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice” is about a master sorcerer who recruits a seemingly everyday guy in his mission to defend New York City from his arch-nemesis.

I saw the trailer for this way back in the beginning of 2010, and didn’t really get too enthralled. In fact, I never get excited about any movies centered on magic and sorcery, I frankly think they are a little ridiculous. However, being a Cage fan, and this film appearing on the Netflix Instant Queue, I said why-not.

So my first thing I have to say is, what’s up with old Nicky’s hair? Hasn’t it gotten weirder ever since “National Treasure 2”? Anyways, moving on. The movie was average, I suppose. I found it to be somewhat amusing. I did like the casting. Teresa Palmer is a very beautiful person, and I enjoyed every scene with her in it. I wanna say that this is the first movie of her’s that I’ve seen, but her list on IMDb says that she was in “Bedtime Stories”. I do not remember her. And speaking of beautiful people, the very lovely Monica Belluci was in this, being lovely of course. The main villain in the movie is again, an actor I think fondly of, Alfred Molina. He played his role perfect, and really got into that wizard business. However, I am still waiting for Jay Baruchel to land a role that breaks him out of this nerdy and very awkward geek he plays in every movie. He does it well, but it’s getting rather redundant.

Something I don’t usually comment on is the soundtrack, but I should for this. Jimmy Eat World‘s “The Middle” was in the beginning of the movie, followed by One Republic‘s “Secrets” later on in the film. Also Alpha Rev‘s “Phoenix Burn” was in the credits. So there’s a little break from the norm and a test to see if any one likes me including this. I’d only comment when it’s good music obviously, as I am a big fan of the mentioned songs. And now back to the review.

Being that I am not a connoisseur of these types of films, I don’t really have that much to say. I do however recognize the mop scene as almost identical to the old Disney movie “Fantasia”, but that’s about it. It was a fun flick, but not really my kind of movie. I really only watched it because I like Nick Cage. So, give it a shot if you dig these kind of Disney magic films.


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