Blade & Blade 2

Posted: May 8, 2011 9:47 am in Review

                 Blade                                                                                  Blade 2

      R – 120 Min – 1998                                                       R – 117 Min – 2002

      Check Out The Trailer                                                Check Out The Trailer

Starring Wesley Snipes as Blade, “Blade” and “Blade 2” follow a half human, half vampire’s quest to become the protector of the mortals, while killing evil vampires.

Yea, I chose to make this review a two-fer. Simply because I almost can’t even distinguish between the two of them in my head. All I can remember is the horrible acting from Wesley Snipes, and the hokey storyline from the first one.

In “Blade”, the whole plot is, “Oh, there are these bad vampires, and there’s only one good one. Watch him kick the bad one’s butts the entire 2 hours of the movie.” The plot also was almost identical to my favorite vampire movie of all time, “Underworld”. The ring of “big bad boss” vampires need to shed their blood over the tomb of the master vampire so that he can be awakened. Yea, what a rip off, just go watch “Underworld”, its ten times better.

However, the sequel is a lot better. The once bad vampires now need to team up with Blade in order to extinguish the new threat of a hybrid breed of almost unstoppable vampires called Reapers. The acting still sucks, the plot is only a minuscule better. But I enjoyed it much more. One of the brothers from “The Boondock Saints” is in this. So, a little fun fact.

All in all, I was pretty much disappointed with these Marvel movies. They were the last of the Marvel films I haven’t seen. I guess there was a good reason. Ah well, maybe the third will be better (he laughs expecting no).


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