Life on Mars

Posted: May 13, 2011 10:56 am in Television

As I do whenever I finish a show worth mentioning, I let you people know so you can go check it out. Well, I just finished this short lived ABC series “Life on Mars” and I really liked it. It was based off of a British show of the same name and plot, but I bet this version was better.

The show follows Sam Tyler, a New York City detective in 2008, who finds himself in 1973 after being hit by a car. The entire 17 episodes it ran, Sam tries to figure out why hes in the past, while busting criminals old school style. Harvey Keitel is awesome in this show. I loved his character.

It’s a fun show that not only is set in 1973, but has the feel of a cop show from that era. The only issue I have with this show is the ending, but if they had dragged it out a couple more seasons then I probably would have forgiven them. Netflix Instant Queue has this show for the time being, so go check it out.


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