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R – 103 Min – 2004

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Starring Carey Elwes as Dr. Lawrence Gordon and Leigh Whannell as Adam Faulkner, “Saw” follows two men who wake up in the secure lair of a serial killer who’s been nicknamed “Jigsaw”. With a dead body between them, the men must follow various rules and objectives if they wish to survive and win the deadly game set for them.

Last Halloween, I decided I wanted to watch a scary movie. So, I got on my Netflix Instant Queue and noticed “Saw VI” available. I said, why not. But the movie really, really sucked. I couldn’t figure out how it was such a popular franchise. That’s when I decided to watch the first one and see how this series started. This movie was really not what I was expecting. The horrific dismemberment and gallons of bloodshed that this franchise is known for was not highlighted in this first installment. It played through more like a psychological thriller, rather than what one would think of as a “Saw” film. Now, maybe it’s only because I’m a new comer to an already 7 movie series, but I found that to be interesting.

It starts out pretty ominous. Which is essential for these types of movies, getting to the monkey early on. And while the scenes with Adam and Lawrence are definitely the highlight of the film, the back story and “whats going on outside of the prison” scenes are about 70 percent of the film. They play a very large part in developing a story and telling the viewers exactly how these two men ended up in this predicament. I’m really trying to rack my brain to point out any excessive gore. The only scene I can think of is when the one surviving victim tells her story about how she had to cut a key out of mans stomach. But surprisingly enough, they don’t dwell on that too long. Even the scene in the end when Adam kills Zep (Michael Emerson) with the back of a toilet, they don’t show what would be a battered pulp left of a face. So, that makes me think, what made them change this franchise into a “lets see how much nastiness we can show” franchise.

The casting was pretty decent. As I did during the duration of “No Strings Attached“, I couldn’t figure out where I knew Lawrence (Carey Elwes) from. But then I figured it out half way through the movie. I did not know the actor Leigh Whannell, turns out he’s not in much. Danny Glover was in the movie, but it didn’t really feel like his kind of movie. First off, with the level of casting and effects, the movie had a “B” feel. Then we have a more famous actor amongst the lesser actors. Anyway, there were two, yes two, LOST alums in the film. Michael Emerson, who played the diabolical Ben Linus, played Zep Hindle. Also, Ken Leung, who played the ever so annoying Miles Straume, played Detective Steven Sing.

The climax of this film is pretty gripping. Tensions reach a boiling point in the room between the two men, and it’s revealed what role Zep plays in this chaos. That’s when we see the one scene involving the word in the title, when Lawrence saws his foot off. Again, they don’t dwell on it, in fact when it shows him crawling around we don’t see a dismembered foot and it looks like his foot is just covered by his pants. Kinda funny really. The very end involves a big twist that I didn’t see coming, and pretty much left you knowing there would be more. Maybe not 6 more, but still.

There were things I really liked about this movie. The fact that it wasn’t so much a gore fest was nice. Also, it actually had an intriguing plot to chew on while I watched the madness unfold. These things though still didn’t help make the movie a super great one. I’d probably watch it every once and a while on T.V. Give it a shot if you enjoy movies that make you think.

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