Posted: May 22, 2011 4:39 pm in Review


R – 90 Min – 2006

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Starring Kristen Bell as Mattie and Ian Somerhalder as Dexter, “Pulse” is about when a computer hacker friend accidentally channels a mysterious wireless signal, a group of co-eds rally to stop a terrifying evil from taking over the world.

I’ll be completely honest, I only put this movie on my queue because I adore Kristen Bell. And the fact that this is her only movie in this genre really did interest me. The plot seemed a little odd, but then I saw that it’s a remake of a Japanese movie, so there’s our solution to that. It seems like a lot of our horror movies are remakes of Japanese movies. Weird.

The movie absolutely wastes no time in getting to the monkey, as the very first scene features a “jump out at you” scary moment. And because of that initial jolt, I was able to become 100 percent fascinated at what was unfolding after that. Sometimes a good horror movie can fall apart if they start out by boring their audience. The movie was actually pretty freaky. There were plenty of scenes that made me cringe, but when we start figuring out what is really going on, it starts to seem a little dull. However, for it being an obvious low budget flick, the movie delivers big screen feel to a lot of the movie. I really enjoyed how some of the scenes and plot twists played out.

Kristen Bell did a fantastic job, in my opinion, at being the scream queen in the film. I’m so accustomed to her comedic roles in movies like, “Forgetting Sarah Marshall” or “You Again”, that it was kinda weird seeing her play this role. But, she rocked it. Her counter part in the movie is a LOST alum. Ian Somerhalder, who played Boone Carlyle, played Dexter in this film. He’s not much different of a character than Boone, so it suits him well. But aside from those two, the rest of the movie are relative unknowns. I did recognize the first character we see, Josh, who was played by Jonathan Tucker (he was one of the young men who broke into the house in “Hostage“). The acting was good all around, with only a few faulty lines, but that is more a result of poor script writing.

The scenes with the creepy “ghosts” were freaky enough to actually have me on edge. Near the end when you start piecing what they really are together, they really lose their edge. So I really wish that there were a different way of presenting it to maintain the creepiness. The ending was also pretty bad, climatic for sure, but not good. Not only did it leave it open for more (I hate it when they try to make a new horror series out of a movie, rather than just try to make a horror movie), but there’s just no resolution. Everyone dies, except for the main characters of course, and the final scene with one of the “ghosts” didn’t really leave that final chill.

Overall, this was a movie that I really wanted to like more. I liked it enough, and it scared me enough, to give it three monkeys. It’s a decent teen screams type of horror film, so you should check it out if you are interested at all. The one thing I got from the movie is, that our generation is completely dependent on social networking and using electronic devices to talk to each other. This habit is what leads to the demise of the world in the movie. I thought it was pretty amusing that this is how the “ghosts” were spread. Be careful how much you use your phone and computer, you might be opening that gateway. Lesson learned.


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