The Legend of Zorro

Posted: June 3, 2011 7:40 pm in Review

The Legend of Zorro

PG – 129 Min – 2005

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Starring Antonio Banderas as Zorro and Catherine Zeta-Jones as Elena de la Vega, “The Legend of Zorro” is set in 1850 as Alejandro de la Vega lives quietly in San Francisco with wife Elena. But when tyrants threaten to change the course of history, he once more dons his black mask and cape and defends California’s statehood as the sword-swinging Zorro.

When I first saw “The Mask of Zorro” back in 1999, I was hooked. I thought I WAS Zorro. I’d run around with my get up, and at night I would dream about Catherine Zeta-Jones. But for some reason, when the sequel made it’s way to theaters 6 years later, I had no desire to see it. I had this feeling that it wasn’t gonna be as good, that it would only mar my view of the first one. So, I only now decided to see it. And what I discovered was that I had been right 6 years ago.

Boy, this has been a month of me watching sequels. Sequels that don’t live up to predecessors, sequels that lower ratings and end up sucking in result. Well, this sequel turned out to be a mockery of what made the original a lot of fun. It also made the mistake I discussed in “Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer“, where it lowered the rating from “PG-13” down to “PG”, and completely reinvented it to appeal to the family film genre. At first I thought for sure that it wasn’t made by the same guy, but it was. There were tons of little cute one liners, so much so that it can be considered a comedy rather than an action film. The action was cheesy and over exaggerated. Like Zorro doing a backflip that lasts 4 rounds in one jump, or his son sliding down the length of the flag pole unscathed. I’m all for alittle cheesiness sometimes, but this didn’t seem right.

There were two villains in the movie, one played by Nick Chinlund (who I know as Toombs from “Chronicles of Riddick” or Daxus from “Ultraviolet”), the other played by Rufus Sewell (who will always be Count Adhemar from “A Knight’s Tale”, but also played a great bad guy in “The Illusionist” as  Crown Prince Leopold). Both of these gentlemen play the most amazing bad guys. If I were to see a movie where either one of them were the good guy, I probably wouldn’t be able to watch it, just because I hate them for their villain roles. So, props to this movie for having both of them as the bad guys. Other than that, the casting pretty much sucked. There was a LOST alum in the movie, and he looked so different. Michael Emerson, AKA Ben Linus, played Harrigan, who was basically a goon.

I really got tired of this movie fast, but I really did want to like it. I was a fan of the first one, but this one lacked all that made the first great. Not as much action, too much goofy comedy, too much family film feel, and Ms. Zeta-Jones not as hot as she used to be didn’t help. Plus, the ending scene on the train was really far fetched, and his son was gonna drive me crazy. Ah well, it’s unfortunate but this one is a pass.


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