Posted: June 10, 2011 8:07 am in Review


PG-13 – 96 Min – 1990

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Starring Kevin Bacon as Valentine McKee and Fred Ward as Earl Bassett, “Tremors” is about the natives of a small isolated town defend themselves against strange underground creatures which are killing them one by one.

I remember watching this one when I was a kid, and while it wasn’t my favorite creature-feature, it was definitely up there. So, hoping that it wasn’t another case of glorified recall, I saw it on Instant queue and decided to give it a shot (again). I pretty much remembered it the exact way as it really was, so that was lucky.

The movie has such a silly story, and yet has the guts at the same time to rival any “supposed to serious” creature -feature (which all have a tendency to be silly in my opinion). I like the fact that this one actually pokes fun at itself, but delivers that thriller feel every once and a while. The story features this rinky dink town called Perfection, with it’s handful of citizens, who start getting picked off by giant underground worms they begin nicknaming “Graboids”. The worms are funny looking, and even funnier when they blow up (they have bright orange blood).

The casting was pretty random, but it actually worked. Kevin Bacon was the big star of the movie, and I actually liked him in this. I usually don’t care for his roles, but this wasn’t too bad. His character, Valentine, is the adventurous one, and also the one who gets the girl at the end (umm spoiler-ish?). His partner Earl, played by Fred Ward, was the straight laced and serious one. In fact, this is the only major role I’ve ever seen this guy do (I saw him in supporting roles in “Corky Romano”, “Joe Dirt” and “Road Trip”). The relationship between these two characters is probably the funniest thing about the movie. They made me crack up multiple times. The love interest of Valentine’s, Rhonda Lebeck, was played by Finn Carter, whom I’ve never seen in anything since. The other main characters were the Gummers, played by Michael Gross and Reba McEntire, Yup, Reba. See, I really wonder if she’s good at anything. She sucks at singing, and sucks at acting. She should have just stayed in a small town and worked at the local grocery store. Of course her song had to be featured in the credits. Anyway, moving on. Michael Gross returned to this franchise in all reincarnations of it (yes, even the t.v. show). I think that goes to show how hard up he was for cash. I did find this interesting, the girl who was hopping on the pogo stick during the film, is Ariana Richards who played Lex Murphy in “Jurassic Park” (my favorite creature-feature).

This movie had a huge cult following, apparently so big that it spawned 2 sequels, a prequel and a television show (and probably a reboot on the horizon). Now, I tried to watch the sequels, but could only make it 10 minutes before I wanted to eat poison and die. Well that’s a bit drastic, but they can’t hold anything on the original. Give it a shot, it’s fun, it’s freaky, it’s a good time. And it’s on Instant queue, so watch it while it’s free.


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