Big Fish

Posted: July 6, 2011 8:06 am in Review

Big Fish

PG-13 – 125 Min – 2003

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Starring Ewan McGregor as Ed Bloom and Billy Crudup as Will Bloom, “Big Fish” is about a son who knows nothing of his dying father’s life aside from the mythical stories he would tell him as bedtime stories.

Everybody has that grandfather who will sit you down on his lap and tell you wild and outlandish tales of his life. Mine most certainly did, and that is perhaps why my imagination was so wild has a kid. This movie is precisley those kind of stories, only come to life. And what better director in the world could do this besides Tim Burton? I say nobody.

The movie starts out with Ed Bloom telling his son, Will,  a wild story about catching a fish using his wedding ring as bait. As the story progresses the scene changes as Will grows up, and we see that he tells that story to everyone in his sons life. Will grows to resent his father when he tells that story at his own wedding, and says that his father always makes every situation about him. They decide not to speak anymore, until a few years later, Ed starts to die. Will realizes that he knows nothing about his father, and comes to his side to hear the true story. Only, Ed’s been telling these tall tales to his son for so long that he tells his whole life story in that manner.

That’s basically all there is to it. The fun factor in the movie is most certainly the portrayal of Ed’s life. Tim Burton does a great job making a world that fits perfectly with Ed’s stories. Every little detail that the old man “remembers”, no matter how crazy, is portrayed. Ewan McGregor played the Ed in the memories, while Albert Finney played Ed in the present. Both did a great job playing the same character and the two blended well. Ed’s wife, Sandra, was played by two really good actresses. Jessica Lange played Sandra in the present, and Alison Lohman played her in the memories. This was the best match I’ve seen Hollywood do for finding an actress who looks like a younger version of the other. I enjoy watching Alison’s roles (I know her as Angela from “Matchstick Men” and Trace from “Gamer”). Will Bloom was played by Bill Crudup whom I’ve only seen as Dr. Manhattan in “Watchmen” and J. Edgar Hoover in “Public Enemies”. Another notable performance in this film is from Tim Burton’s wife herself, Helena Bonham Carter. She played the old and young version of Jenny, and also played the witch. I love watching her, cause she is always such a great actress. I couldn’t say I know her as anyone but two of my favorite roles of her’s were, The Red Queen from “Alice in Wonderland” and Mrs. Bucket from “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”. Steve Buscemi was in this as well, and just as weaselly as he’s always been.

Over all, if you like Tim Burton’s wild and imaginative stories, then you’ll like this. I personally love it, and couldn’t picture this turning out any better if it were from anyone else. Go ahead and give it a shot. It may not be the absolute greatest film, but it’s a fun couple of hours.



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