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X-Men: The Animated Series

Posted: July 20, 2011 9:01 am in Television

Originally running from 1992-1997, this animated series ran through many of the original storylines from Stan Lee’s comics. I remember catching a few re runs as a kid, but never got to watch a whole season. So now, thanks to Netflix Instant Queue, I got to watch all 5 seasons.

I really enjoyed this series. Yea, its full to the brim of 90’s cartoon cheese. But hey, it’s your typical Saturday morning cartoon. And since I was more of a reader in the 90’s (I would spend hours in used book stores reading these comics), I knew these famous stories already. Throughout the span of the 5 seasons they cover the “Dark Phoenix Chronicles”, “Days of Future Past” and “Legacy Virus”. This made the show for me. Because, to be honest, the voice acting and dialogue was gonna drive me nuts.

The final thing about this show I thought was really cool, was seeing how much the live action X-Men films used this show as inspiration for their character development and the way they talk/act. The best examples of that is Wolverine and Beast. The worst was Professor X. His cartoon version is seriously lacking Sir Patrick Stewart’s power and awesome English accent. So that was a good change for the live action films.

Overall, there’s a lot to love about this show, with only minor things to dislike. Any fan of the live action films will find enough similarities to like it, while the comic fans will enjoy seeing a bunch of classic storylines and characters wearing the classic uniforms come to life. Fun, very 90’s, and Marvel. Whats not to like?


Persons Unknown

Posted: May 22, 2011 4:50 pm in Television

I just finished the last episode of this one season series this morning. It was ranked really high on my Netflix Instant recommendations, so i decided to give it a shot. Turns out, this show is pretty much an exact copy of my all time favorite show, LOST.

The plot of this show centers around a group of strangers, who wake up completely unaware of where they are, or who is watching them from the cameras on the ceilings. They gather together and leave the hotel where they woke up and discover that they are stranded in a deserted, old time America, one block town. Oh, and the town is surrounded by a force field so they can’t leave. Like I said, it’s a total rip off of LOST.

I would have recommended it when I first started the show, but half way through the show it got really annoying. It didn’t seem like it was gaining any ground, and they replaced the “Shannon” character, with a really annoying black gangster chick who kept getting in everyone’s face. Also, the very ending resolves nothing, and since it was cancelled after one season, those who watch it will never understand just what was going on.

Life on Mars

Posted: May 13, 2011 10:56 am in Television

As I do whenever I finish a show worth mentioning, I let you people know so you can go check it out. Well, I just finished this short lived ABC series “Life on Mars” and I really liked it. It was based off of a British show of the same name and plot, but I bet this version was better.

The show follows Sam Tyler, a New York City detective in 2008, who finds himself in 1973 after being hit by a car. The entire 17 episodes it ran, Sam tries to figure out why hes in the past, while busting criminals old school style. Harvey Keitel is awesome in this show. I loved his character.

It’s a fun show that not only is set in 1973, but has the feel of a cop show from that era. The only issue I have with this show is the ending, but if they had dragged it out a couple more seasons then I probably would have forgiven them. Netflix Instant Queue has this show for the time being, so go check it out.

10 Items Or Less

Posted: April 22, 2011 11:51 am in Television

I finished this little known TBS comedy the other night, and I gotta say, I had a few good laughs from it. I really enjoyed it.

The premise behind this show is, there’s a small town, family run grocery store that sits across the street from a major big town grocery store. So, it follows Leslie Poole, the manager, and his band of crazy employees and all of the antics they get into. The show was actually half script and half improv, so i thought that was pretty cool.

So yea, it’s on Netflix instant queue if you are interested in giving it a shot. It grows on you, trust me


Posted: April 10, 2011 6:39 pm in Television

So, I started this series this morning, and not only did I finish it a few hours later, I couldn’t stop laughing. Definitely my second favorite “made for adults” cartoon right after “Family Guy”.

Sterling Archer is a spy, who’s boss is his mother, and there’s a slew of hilarious characters and one liners that make your sides hurt. Go check this out. The first season is on Netflix Instant Queue

Much thanks to my friends at working for urging me to watch this

The League

Posted: April 1, 2011 1:02 pm in Television

So, I just finished season 1, and I think I have a new favorite show. “The League” is very, very funny, and I was happy to find out that there is two more seasons of it! They need to keep making this show.

It follows 6 friends as they compete against each other in their fantasy football league. I can’t decide which of them is my favorite yet.

Its on Netflix Instant Queue if you’re interested. Trust me you’ll like it.

Kyle XY (Updated)

Posted: March 27, 2011 10:38 am in Television

Alrighty, I finished Kyle XY this last week, and I couldn’t have been more frustrated. I don’t really know why I got into it that much, but I did. So when they ended it the way they did I couldn’t help but be upset.

I really wanted to see Kyle ditch stupid Amanda and go with Jessi! Ugh, I really liked that Jessi/Kyle dynamic. Ah well, probably the reason it got canceled.